Police Mental Barricade

A survivor's guide to poor law enforcement leadership
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The Courages Police Leaders
"A survival guide for combating Cowards, Chaos, and Lies"
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A follow up to the best seller "Police Mental Barricade", "The dark side of the blue line" is a chilling look into some of the dark things within law enforcement. This book tells about how the Alexandria City Police Department engaged in retaliatory behavior after the first book and how this is a growing trend within law enforcement. 

My Story

Nicholas Ruggiero was a law enforcement officer for nearly 20 years and a suicide survivor. Nicholas is the host of the international podcast The Roll Call Room which addresses the mental health issues within the law enforcement profession. Nicholas is an advocate for law enforcement agencies to stop the stigma of seeking mental health help and reduce law enforcement suicides.

Police Mental Barricade "A survivor's guide to poor law enforcement leadership" is a look into what contributes to law enforcement suicides and how as a profession we can fix it.

For decades in the law enforcement profession poor leadership and internal investigations being used as a weapon has directly impacted the increase of law enforcement suicides. This book will openly discuss the fundamental break down of leadership and how to survive within the law enforcement profession. 

Roll Call Room Podcast

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