Being in law enforcement the past two years has been rough. We've faced COVID, poor leadership, and a "Defund the police" movement all while holding our oath sacred. For some of us the idea of walking away from the job was one of the hardest decisions and comes with a lot of mental health issues. It's not as easy as some would think, just handing up that gun belt. Some of us are emotionally, mentally, and fiscally invested in law enforcement. This is part of a series of books from Nicholas Ruggiero that pulls back the curtains on law enforcement to give those with an open mind a different perspective of law enforcement and humanizing the badge. 

This book gives you a view from Nicholas Ruggiero and Logan Campbell's perspective of leaving the job while trying to stay mentally intact and rediscovering the person they are with life after the job. If you're thinking about leaving law enforcement or left through retirement or just for your own sanity, please read this book.

Between two worlds SOFTCOVER